Looking back on NMRiH

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Looking back on NMRiH

User Rating: 6.5

To put it shortly, NMRiH is a rather difficult game, challenging but not enough to make you want to break your keyboard over your knee. It’s definitely fun once you get the hang of things, start memorizing the objectives and realize whether or not you’re up shit creek without a paddle.

One of the aspects that gives NMRiH an extra bite of difficulty in it’s gameplay is the infection. After getting attacked by a zombie, you have a chance to be infected. A rather high one if i recall correctly.

The game is not without its flaws however. In my opinion the animations of the zombies are rather lackluster. Movement in the game was always like wading through knee deep water. This game is definitely a rough experience, but it has its charm. If i can give the game a thumbs up on something it would be the weapons. I did feel that they were handled rather well in this game. Once you got the hang of using a heavy melee weapon, ammo  conservation becomes easier. The trade off being that heavy attacks take a hell of a lot of stamina.

Where the game shine i won’t lie to you, is the objective maps where you’re escaping some place. The holdout style maps where you survive as long as you can leave nothing but a sour flavor in my mouth. If i recall my favorite map being some type of underground facility escape map where you escape on a train underground. The second being some type of snowy industrial map where everything leads to you opening a gate with a passcode and going down a lift.

I honestly at this moment have no idea how they would improve on the sequel besides better zombie animations, more diverse zombie models, and maybe better map design.

The game is definitely worth playing, it being a free game could guarantee that there are a good amount of people still playing this game at the time of whenever you’re reading this review. If you want a zombie game that is enjoyable, you can find it here.

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