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Zombie Panic Source
Zombie Panic Source

Zombie Panic! Source (ZPS) is a cooperative survival horror Half-Life 2 Modification, the sequel to the popular Half-Life Modification "Zombie Panic". As a member of a party of survivors you find yourself without provisions or any military support.  Fending off the undead has never been more difficult, but with a large variety of fire arms, explosives, and unique items, the task is not impossible.

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  • v3.2.8 Update Released April 19, 2024
    Hey everyone!Today, we're bringing some interesting changes to the game focused heavily on weapon balance tweaks, additional entities for mappers, Angelscript improvements, map adjustments, bug fixes as usual and other miscellaneous fixes. Two maps in question, Harvest and Frozenheart, got some deserved love after all this time. On Harvest, we're letting Survivors go outside of […]
  • Celebrating Half-Life's 25th Anniversary with a ZP1 Gaming Event November 19, 2023
    On November 19th, 1998, Valve debuted with the release of their first revolutionary shooter Half-Life. Since then, the modding community has released lots of memorable HL1 mods - one of them being the old gem Zombie Panic 1, released on Halloween 2004 by the former Zombie Panic Team.We'd like to celebrate this special date with […]
  • v3.2.7 Update Released March 30, 2023
    We're releasing a very small patch today, focused mostly on code cleanup, few UI fixes, supershorty reload animation changes and other bugfixes as usual. Full details below:ChangelogAngelscript Added "CBaseEntity@ CZP_Player.GetInfectedBy()[api.zombiepanicsource.com]" method which returns the entity that infected this player. Fixed weapons never calling the "OnEntityUsed[api.zombiepanicsource.com]" forward.Entities Fixed "func_clip_vphysics" broken "start disabled" key/value pair. Fixed weapons […]
  • v3.2.6 Update Released February 4, 2023
    We're shipping a small patch today containing game performance tweaks, client and server crash fixes, game rules changes for server admins/mods, minor weapon adjustments, and other bugfixes as usual. ChangelogAdministration System Added an exception for basic administrators (and higher privileges) to the anti-Zombie skipping system. This allows said administrators to switch from game to Spectators […]
  • ZPS History and Community News January 14, 2023
    Happy New Year folks!We hope you had a great 2022 and have been enjoying the v3.2.5 update so far! Today we'd like to commemorate a special day (12-28-2022) when ZPS turned 15 years old! What started as a simple HL2 modification, ported to a standalone game and now we have a sequel in the works! […]
  • v3.2.5 Update Released December 22, 2022
    Hello everyone! Today we're finally bringing some quality-of-life changes focused on game performance, UI/UX improvements when using inoculators, player movement & game balance adjustements and many bugfixes we would have liked to release sooner. Full details in the list below:ChangelogAchievements Fixed escaped Survivors not earning certain achievements if they started from the beginning.Administration System Added […]
  • v3.2.4 Update Released April 15, 2022
    We're rolling out an important quality of life patch today, focusing on an experimental fix for hitbox registration, minor client UI/UX tweaks and improvements, game crash fixes, and other bugfixes.ChangelogAngelscript Added hook "InoculatorUsed( CZP_Player@ pOwner, CZP_Player@ pTarget, int &in iType )[api.zombiepanicsource.com]".Characters Fixed Zombie lunge VO being playable underwater. Removed Half-Life 2's H.E.V. geiger counter.Entities Added […]
  • v3.2.3a Hotfix Released March 21, 2022
    We're rolling out a quick hotfix that address few issues on v3.2.3 update. Server owners are required to update their servers. The following changes are:Characters Changed "random character" to really randomize the character selection instead of randomly choose once and keep the same character. Fixed infected Survivors not changing to their respective infected model after […]

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