Map Summary:  One ring.  Fight to the Death.  This is a deathmatch map that offers quick down and dirty “fightclub” style action.

Zombielle is an innovative and extremely creative mapper. Her ability to take concepts and materialize them in a fun and realistic manner is spectacular.  She successfully took dR. Vodker’s Zombie Panic! Source Deathmatch (DM) based maps and ushered in a wide variety of very creative and exciting DeathMatch maps.  She is a vital contributor to the Zombie Gaming Community as both an Administrator and a Mapper.  [ZG] features Zombielle’s maps on their Official Zombie Panic Deathmatch Server.  Zombielle is also a playtester for the Zombie Panic development team who has made many contributions to the community.  We are proud to have Zombielle a part of our team.

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Death Match



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