Map Summary:  After weeks of holding up in a hotel room on what was supposed to be business, you must fight your way through grueling alleyways and ghetto apartments to survive. Supplies are already running dangerously scarce, the streets and buildings now cluttered by lifeless corpses and the lingering smell of rot fills the air. Caged in, weeks of hearing nothing but lifeless moans you finally hear a rejuvenating voice on a loudspeaker. Realizing it may be your last chance for help, it’s time to act. Fight your way out of a dreary hotel through Looming city alleyways and apartments to the Military checkpoint in hopes of salvation.

Pears (Abilities) has demonstrated of how an extremely creative mapper he truly is.  He has solidified this in his first map, an objective map no less, nmo_Hospitality.  He truly is showing that he can combine a creative objective map with a visually pleasing environment wrapped up with great gameplay.  We expect to see some pretty great things with the release of new maps by Abilities.

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