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    SVN BUILD 5005

    – Fixed VOIP issues and icon above survivors heads at all times.

    – Survivor AI now have weapons, better AI, better navigation and voices.

    – Survivor voices fixed.

    – Adjustments to zombie sounds attenuation and variety.

    – Fixed zombies spawning in extraction areas on Barlowe.

    – Fixed broken pathing near gunstore on Barlowe.

    – Added ability to load multiple .bnk files for custom add-on maps.

    – Fixed issues with ForcedIP being enabled for people who don’t need it.

    – Fixed spawning in the bank at random times on Barlowe Escape.

    – Fixed fences in Barlowe not being able to be climbed by Zombie players or AI.

    – Added new clipping types for mappers to block areas for specifically zombies or survivors.

    – Added better communication system with AI survivors and the ability to command them with voice-commands.

    – Fixes to Survivor AI when they’re being extracted.

    – Fixed glass being able to be broken on non-active houses by throwing weapons at the glass.

    – Fixed net_graph showing for users who didn’t enable it.

    – Optimisations to zombie AI to speed up net-load.

    – Fixed cheat-detection code being activated by servers with non-default tick-rates.

    – Fixed survivors not actually escaping at the end of escape and still existing in the world.

    – Fixed grenade damage not killing players on all difficulties.

    – Fixed Draw and Holster sounds being audible to everyone when a survivor spawns.

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