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      Contagion Update – Build 4872

      IMPORTANT:This update requires you to rebind keys for any weapon commands (next weapon, previous weapon, last weapon and weapon slot 1-4.

      This new update also has Barlowe Square for Extraction!

      SVN BUILD 4872

      – New map Barlowe Square for Extraction mode. VERY WIP!

      – Fixed navmesh and spawn issues on Barlowe Squared Hunted.

      – Optimised weapon HUD code, added new commands and system for HUD and switching weapons. (Keys may need to be rebound)

      – Fixed weapon commands not working properly (Pressing 1 not selecting first weapon slot)

      – Melee weapons can now break glass.

      – Added End Of Round UI for each gamemode. New awards and stats for specific modes coming later.

      – Flashlights for other players now have LOD’s. Further away players won’t render full expensive lights.

      – New ambient sounds for Barlowe to fix missing rain sounds when outside.

      – Adjusted lighting and weapons on Pioneer.

      – Optimised flashlight code when turning flashlights on for the first time.

      – New props and detailing on Barlowe and Pioneer.

      – Fixed navmesh issues on barlowe and pioneer.

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        All [ZG] servers have been updated.  This is a great build!

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