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    Howdy all.  Just thought I’d throw out some older/classic map ideas in even they are of interest.

    zps_ward:  Its a survival map set in an abandoned hospital.  It features some nice lighting.

    zpo_escape_beta:  This is one of the older, custom objective maps.  It can be fun.

    zps_hellforest:  A survival map set in the forest.

    zps_briarstown: This one isn’t seen much anymore, but its a survival map set on a marshy rural home.

    Anywho, just some ideas.  Thanks much.

    P.S. There was a prison map that I was going to suggest, but for the life of me cannot find. Its not JailBird or Alcatraz and it was a large map set in a delapidated prison.  Anyone know what this one is?  Thanks again. :)

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    Thanks QuaG. :)

    I zipped up the four files and they are available here.

    CPT QuaG
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    If anyone has links to these, I would be more than happy to add them to our server and map archive…

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