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    CPT QuaG

    I would have to completely agree with the recent article written by Angela Watercutter whereby she describes this movie as, being better if it weren’t a zombie movie.”  I do feel however that World War Z truly can be considered a great summer action movie.  However for those true fans of the book, prepare to be very disappointed.  While based on Max Brook’s best selling book, it is not remotely anything like the movie.  While this movie does offer an original story line and different take on how to deal with a viral-like infection causing humans to become the undead, it ultimately lack many of the elements that a true zombie movie fan expects to see. 

    Also, with its PG-13 rating, there is no gore to be seen.  Although I would have liked to have sees the movie stay more true to the original story, I can understand how difficult that would be as the book’s storyline  is overall a retrospective of the plague.  I do think the movie’s storyline and the book’s storyline could have been merged together.  Character development  needed work.  Action in the beginning, nail biting drama through the middle and lots of explosions and utlra action to the end is the formula to success.  If you do want to see a good action flick this summer, I do recommend to check this one out!

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