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    This will be my rant page for a day, to bitch and moan about how bad my day is going so I have some form of release. I’ll keep it updated as things get worse.

    All times go by USA Eastern Time (GMT-5)

    6:00am  – Wake up to two screaming children. One crapped through a diaper, through pajamas, and all over their bed.

    6:15am – finished cleaning shit off the bed, walls, and child. Also finished washing self after.

    6:20am – find out I’m out of coffee.

    6:21am – wife refuses to get out of bed, also doesn’t say Happy Birthday. There goes sleeping in.

    6:25am – Remember I’m out of coffee

    6:30am – Feed kids, one refuses to eat and dumps cereal on floor.

    6:35am – Finish cleaning milk and ceral off floor.

    6:45am – Prepare coffee maker, fill with water, place filter in…. remember I’m out of coffee still.

    7:00am – Hide on front porch for cigarette break, children screaming in house at each other.

    7:10am – Quiet down kids, search for Tylenol.

    7:20am – Find out I’m out of Tylenol too.

    7:21am – Find Motrin, empty bottle.

    7:30am – Wake up wife, get yelled at.

    8:00am – Wife leaves house, leaves me with insane children.

    8:01-9:15 – Headdesk

    9:15am – Wife comes home, goes back to bed.

    9:20-11:45 – Repeatedly pull one kid out from under a bed-couch.

    12:00noon – make lunch for kids, one tosses pizza slice on floor.

    12:01pm – finish cleaning up floor again, give child another slice and remind him where the corner is, and what it is used for.

    12:20pm – IN-LAWS COME FOR VISIT.

    12:21pm – Wish for coffee.

    12:27- Finish posting this so far.


    2:00pm – Leave for a late lunch with wife (it’s also our 7th anniversary) 

    2:01pm – Car begins squeaking

    2:02pm – Car makes thud noise

    2:03pm – Car backfires

    2:04pm – Car needs gas

    2:10pm – Car stereo blows a speaker

    2:11pm – Car starts blowing full blast heat on it’s own.

    2:12pm – Car windows won’t open

    2:30pm – Arrive at Asian buffet.

    2:45pm – Finally our turn in line.

    2:47pm – They’re out of my favorites. ALL OF THEM.

    2:50pm – Sit and eat shit I hate.

    3:30pm – Finish eating, pay and leave.

    3:35pm – Go to Secretary of state to pay for plate tags. assholes charge $96.00

    3:50pm – NOT pay cable bill or power bill, because I ran out of money paying for tags.

    4:00pm – Light cigarette in car, Taste mold.

    4:04pm – Finish coughing lungs out, throw cigarettes out window.

    4:05pm – See State Police in rear view mirror.

    4:20pm – Paranoia ceases, police stop tailgating and exit highway.

    4:21pm – Arrive at home, deal with crabby in-laws and insane kids.

    4:30pm – Finish posting this. And realize there’s coffee. Thanks in-laws.

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    Happy birthday, sorry it’s not going great.


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    Wow man, that really sucks, I hope the you have a better B-day next year.

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    Sorry to Hear that Buddy,But Best wishes and hope you have a Nice day

    -The Icelandic Guy-


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    Thanks man, I’ll go check right now! :D

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    For those of us that have Kids, right there with ya man.  Left you a gift on Steam.  Hope your day goes better buddy!

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