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    Kitten stood under the flag post, at the top was the banner of MMNB, the poor thing was three years old, and had never been replaced. the colors on it were faded, the edges were blown off, and it had several rips. Three years of wind and rain managed to wear it down. However, it seemed fitting for the occasion. Overlord has been through several attacks, and never been properly repaired. The cement that made up the bunkers were badly cracked, and the beaches themselves had several holes in them, all filled to some degree with water.

    Now, this was probably the last battle Overlord would see before finally falling. Kitten knew the odds were against him and his men. Reinforcements weren’t coming, Holmar couldn’t spare the men, and even if he could, they wouldn’t arrive in time.

    As he watched the shoreline, he saw a single zombie pop up from the water, a nearby soldier quickly put it down with a short burst from his weapon. Kitten barked orders to his three teams he had assembled. Crates were broken, soldiers were armed, and the crews in charge of the artillery made sure the guns were ready.

    ”Time to fight” Kitten said to himself, before running off.

    Meanwhile, at Abandoned Mall…

    Holmar looked over a map, it was a detailed recreation of Suburbia, the main city MMNB flexed their control over. Suburbia was important, it was where Abandoned Mall was, and it had the bulk of MMNB citizens within it. Two forests were outside Suburbia, the first one held Abandoned Base, and the second one held some old military bunker that was abandoned a long time ago.

    As Holmar stared at the map, he made notes of nearby military outposts and checkpoints. He ordered for the establishment of nearly a dozen fortified zones between Overlord and outer Suburbia, he wanted to buy the civillian population time to escape, and for the bulk of the MMNB military to dig in into the building around Abandoned Mall. He wanted cars to block roads, he wanted snipers and machine guns be placed on rooftops, he wanted every ground-level exit to every building fortified and positioned with soldiers, he wanted to give this zombies a long, drawn out fight. He gave the responsibility of carrying this out to Zyx, Castle, Taco, and Wickk.

    However, it was just a dream. After all, he never intended for the soldiers stationed in the outposts to survive, he just need them to delay the horde for a few moments each.

    Holmar still thought that the zombies were far from Beach Armory, Kitten failed to report his findings, thus, Holmar thought that the bulk of the horde was still far away. He didn’t know that Overlord was already under attack, he didn’t know he had next to no time to prepare for anything. When he ordered for the remaining MMNB armed forces to come out of garrison, and to fortify the inner city, he wasn’t aware that the army was open to attack. The mistake would cost him, but until it happened, he was indifferent.

    Meanwhile, BloodSugar, Rawboner, and their group of rebels finished planning their small coup d’etat.

    Back at Overlord…

    The MMNB soldiers planted the IED’s, and threw their grenades. With each explosion, at least half a dozen zombies went down, so far, it was looking good. However, the grenades went quick, and the single-use IED’s weren’t any better. The plan was working well, Kitten’s men were suprisingly organized annd focused. By the time his men retreated from the beach and reached the first barricades, he ordered for the artillery to begin firing, and so it happened. The shells and rockets hit the beach, stronger than the grenades and IED’s, several dozen died with each explosion, those that survived were killed by marksmen. This continued for several minutes, before suddenly, it stopped.

    They used up all their explosives.

    Kitten wondered why the strikes stopped, and it hit him quickly. He had that small, split-second of panic, before taking note of the horde of zombies. He noticed that they were packed together, and were sprinting onto the beach. He ordered for his men to open up, but the wall of charging meat was indifferent to the gunfire.

    Kitten ordered for his men to retreat into the bunkers, but he misjudged the rate that the zombies were traveling. By the time he finished giving out the order to his men, the zombies were already at the base of the trench and bunker line.

    As he raced to his bunker, him and his team were ambushed. Zombies jumped about everywhere, grabbing to whatever piece of flesh they could. Grabbing the soliders down if they needed too. The team was getting slaughtered.

    Kitten quickly realized that he had burnt through his ammo, supplies were low, and again, he misjudged just how much he had. He switched to his magnum, firing the four shots in it before dropping it. He pulled out a wrench he had on him, and started bashing away at what he could, all the while, trying to make it to his bunker.

    He was getting scratched and smacked at every turn. He danced around the attacks, before eventually tripping. The distant yells and cries for salvation from what was left of his team quickly died, as Kitten’s vision blurred, he saw the drivers of the crews of the artillery leave the guns behind, they loaded onto the trucks, and drove off, leaving the group behind.

    He felt the undead creatures grab onto him, tearing off pieces of flesh as they devoured him. He was too weak to even scream.

    The remaining soliders at Overlord shared the same fate. The doors to the bunkers were broken down before barricades could be built. They tried to put up a decent fight, but it was no good. By the end of the day, the horde, having thousands of fighters in it, only had a small bent of a few hundred. Overlord was gone, and the rest of the horde began to march off the beach, towards Suburbia.

    Back at Abandoned Mall…

    BloodSugar requested an interview with Holmar. Although Holmar knew he had a lot to do, he still decided to try to make time for it. After all, it could be important.

    ”Hello Holmar” BloodSugar said to Holmar, sitting down without asking for permission.

    ”Hello there Blood, what can I do for you?” Holmar said back.

    Without proper warning, Raw Boner and about a dozen armed MMNB soliders marched through the doorway. Holmar’s guards were quick to draw their weapons and point them at the soldiers.

    Without warning, and as soon as they drew their weapons, BloodSugar and Rawboner pulled out glocks, fired, and killed the several bodyguards around the room. The guards were too afraid to fire, they were afraid they would hit Holmar on accident. Holmar was kicked in the face by BloodSugar, he fell onto his couch, bleeding.

    Quag heard the fire, and came rushing into the room, M16 drawn. Raw Boner fired his glock again, hitting the M16, breaking it, and sending it to the ground. All the while, stunning Quag.

    They were both tied onto the couch. The noise of the gunfire was quick to alert all of MMNB’s security located with Abandoned Mall. The force of several dozen were outside the offices, ready to break in and fix whatever ”problem” was holding both executive powers hostage.

    Eventually, Leon, the only admin nearby, was back on his feet. The zombie claws marks on his arm and leg were bandaged, and he was almost back to full strength. He put himself in command of the security group, and attempted to make contact with whatever he could. It didn’t work, all he got was silence.

    MMNB was in trouble now. The military was vulnerable to a massive army of the undead, the heads of government were hostage, and the citizens that made up MMNB were completely unaware of the huge horde of zombies that had just washed up just a few miles away. The situation is fragile, and if anything good is to come out of this, it will take discreet planning, and diligent effort. MMNB’s fate is at the mercy of the admins, and their decisions over the next few hours will either make or break MMNB.



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    I actually intended for there to be more bloodshed, but I made this at 3 AM, and I was really tired. So I just decided to end it on the cliffhanger.


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    RIP Everyone who died. *places heavy gravestone down*

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