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    The alert sounded from the master control room, just as Goose got back outside. He tediously ran back inside like a man with a fetch quest to go back and forth. Kelcee sounded the alarm to warn the group of the incoming soldiers. This startled Goose’s ears to make him go directly in-front and welcome the visitors himself. These visitor were none other than the remaining MMNB team that had fallen to the zombies.

    ZYX marched up to Goose with a scared look in his eyes, he asked for help. Goose laughed for a good five minutes. “Well, hah.. I don’t think you are going to get much of anywhere with a drunk and a abusive asshole.”

    Goose mockingly said.ZYX unable to respond very well to this muttered out “Well, I try to treat everyone equally and they need my help!”
    Charlie came behind ZYX and whispered in his ears “Well, you can go with your team of queers or let me shoot them and we can just bring you aboard.. Let’s just say you can be our second edition Quin only dumber”

    Quin upset said “Well, might as well not be here if you don’t need me! God!”

    Goose quickly reassured that Charlie is just going to mess with ZYX till he shapes up into a good meat shield.

    Zyx was visibly shaking debating on whether to agree or be killed with his horrible team. He made a deal saying he wanted Taco to live with him too. Charlie and Goose had no problem gunning the other’s down laughing as they did it. They made sound effects for blood and explosions “Pew pew boom!” Charlie and Goose said at the same time.

    “Well, that was fun time to get inside. Such a good run they had… Not really fuckin morons.” Goose said spitting on the bodies.

    Goose realized he needed to check on his lady he saved. He sped down the walkway, up the the stairs, into his room.  He got there just in time for her and kelcee to be talking like good friends.

    Kelcee jumped on Goose hugging him tightly “Goose! Goose! She is so nice an.. an… She can play video games with me an a so much other things too! She could be like my playmate! Please! Can you keep her! Honest I will look out for her and don’t worry!”

    Goose trying to take in the influx of words, “I’ll do whatever you need me to do.” Holding kelcee by his arm “I will let her stay as long as you want, as much as you want and whenever you want”.

    Kelcee over cheered by this was estatic! She jumped up and down so happily. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Kelcee said

    Goose laughed and let them get better acquainted.

    He went into the hallway to fall asleep on the couch because of all the excitement of the day.

    During that time he was asleep something terrible happened. Something that will get Goose into gear for the rest of his being.

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