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    The group made their way to Power_Plant. Goose called out to what looked like a macho beast guard that was high up in a tower behind the middle of the large blast doors. “Andrew? Lugert? Get this slow piece of fuck open I want to make haste to see our new capture subject!!” Goose said with excitement as he ran ahead. Goose ran with great speed through the doors barely wedging himself through the doors. Quin was shambling behind as Hijax and charlie raced behind trying to keep up.


    Inside the facility Goose ran up to Andrew that came down to intercept him.

    “Hayyyyyyy! Big boi! Howw areee youu?” Andrew said in a delightfully high voice.

    “I am doing well, some zombie here and there.. But… Other than that boring business it has been so good!”

    Andrew replied with “So, nothing too good then my lovely boy.”

    Getting back to matters Goose urged Andrew to tell him of the status of the prisoners they captured in the morning.
    Quin sighed once more to the thought of the souls that were trapped under his hands.

    The gang was lead by andrew to a target range to watch the prisoners flee for their lives in feeble attempts to escape death.

    “It looks like we got a whale whore and a chronic masturbator!” Charlie shouted so the prisoners in the fenced area could hear.

    Goose chuckled for a bit “Well, I can’t say you are too off with that statement Charlie..”
    Charlie ran to the last open machine gun booth and let off a unrelenting burst of ammo eatting gunfire. This caused the ‘Chronic Masturbator’ to be shredded instantly.

    Goose remarked with such pride “Looks like you nailed one!”

    Charlie ran out of bullets before he could get rid of ‘Whale Whore’.Charlie threw the gun to the table letting it smash around and crack. “What a fucking rip off that only had 50 rounds in it, what the fuck can I do with that?!?!?”
    “You could hit the two fucking targets you dipshit!” Goose let out with some sarcasm.

    Goose ever so casually opened the fence and stepped over the bodies of all the targets they had from before. He eventually came to a frightened lady with tears and fear running down her face. She tried to beat him, but it was no use as she had nothing, but the shirt they gave her. Goose grabbed her by both her wrists “Hey, you don’t mess with the fire unless you want to get burrnned! It burns like a wildfire.” Goose said to her looking straight into her scared eyes.

    He turned to his group and laughed “Looks like we got a new friend!”

    Goose looked at her and felt a need to keep her for some reason that he could not reach in that moment.
    Quin yelled out “SO ARE YOU FINALLY GOING TO LISTEN TO ME?!?!!”

    “Depends on what happens and what she does” Goose let out.

    Sobbing heavily the lady couldn’t bare to look at her friend’s corpse. Goose picked her up and carried her inside and up the stairs to his room. He laid her down on the bed and tucked her into the bed like a father would to his daughter. He sat in a chair and waited for her to finally rest. After what seemed like an hour of waiting she was fast asleep. Goose got up and gave everyone orders to keep her inside at all times, the most important thing was to never let her anywere other than his room or the main halls. Goose though it would be fine to keep her in his room, because it was just his “Jump Room”. This is where he slept if he was needed in the morning so it had the bare minimum.

    Goose pondered his situation and left to see the gang still outside waiting for him.
    Quin smiled and told Goose he did have something in his heart. Goose was beginning to see that was apparent too.

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