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    CPT QuaG

    Grapist has been permabanned from the MMNB Community.  I have also submitted in a VAC ban for him which will effect all steam games.  I have also reached out to community admins to include posting on the Elevated Gamers Network (his clan tag) to ask that he be removed as well:

    If you would please visit his profile and report him as violating our community rules, I would really appreciate it (click below, then click on “report violation”):

    This is based on his willingness to troll on our servers with no regards to rules or general respect to other players or our community admins.  Below is the conversation between him and myself today:

    CPT QuaG [=MMNB=]: you have been banned for a week for teamkilling

    EgN| ๖ۣۜGяۜαۜpۜisۜ†: cool beans

    CPT QuaG [=MMNB=]: thats no cool beans

    CPT QuaG [=MMNB=]: i am going to make it permanent

    EgN| ๖ۣۜGяۜαۜpۜisۜ†: good

    CPT QuaG [=MMNB=]: whats your problem?  I have always been very nice to you. . . you then troll on my server

    EgN| ๖ۣۜGяۜαۜpۜisۜ†: I like to tk

    CPT QuaG [=MMNB=]: so you then will be banned from all servers and the community

    CPT QuaG [=MMNB=]: i will also talk to some of the other community admins and have you banned from there as well

    CPT QuaG [=MMNB=]: i am also submitting you in for a VAC ban

    EgN| ๖ۣۜGяۜαۜpۜisۜ†: Do you see me playing ZPS anymore

    CPT QuaG [=MMNB=]: that will permanently ban you from all steam servers, not just ZPS

    EgN| ๖ۣۜGяۜαۜpۜisۜ†: Good

    EgN| ๖ۣۜGяۜαۜpۜisۜ†: I just tk

    EgN| ๖ۣۜGяۜαۜpۜisۜ†: and troll

    EgN| ๖ۣۜGяۜαۜpۜisۜ† is now Offline.

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    He use to be alright, I had to keep him in line though.


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    He was always a lame person.

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