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    Turning up the music, while putting on fingerless gloves to ready himself
    as the zombie horde attacked. Dancing along the pace to the music as his
    countless men die, as he finished up something caught those dead and tired
    eyes of his. He forgot his favorite magnum and brass knuckles. Goose ran
    outside to have some fun with such a delightful mess of action.

    Goose ran through the halls of his complex which was one of the newest
    ones they have captured as none lasted for very long and the ones that
    have bored Goose to the extreme. As he made his way out he jump kicked one
    of his zombified teammates in the gut with such excitment. Joy lit up his
    face which was rare for such a calm and often really emotionally stone
    person such as himself. As a man of simple taste the Goose often enjoyed
    watching his “useless” teammates die, shooting his undead teammates after
    they arised, torturing unworthy people, and of course caring for his
    little sister which he lost his pinky saving.

    “Looks like I am the only one left that is outside the panic room! Oh the
    fun!” he said whilst skipping to the horde. Finding his way around the
    Undead_School was such a hassle as nothing was alphabetical and memory was
    the only option. Hearing the screams as he makes it just in time to see
    Sgt Alves get pulled into a room from a hole in the rubble. In a upbeat
    voice he sarcastically says “Don’t worry Alves! You’re gonna make it!”
    Finally after some misadentures and getting lost only to find that most of
    his team has been massacred on the ground taking great pleasure he starts
    punching his way though zombies with a smile on his face. Screams for help
    left and right only annoyed his ears to which he wanted to play and have
    the only fun he has had in weeks. After all was said and done his armor
    stained in zombie blood and his “mask” was “spray painted” with zombie peices
    only made him much more of a terrifying sight.

    His fellow party thumpers arrived to the front to congraduate him on
    clearing out the entrance. Quin shouted at him “You better put on some
    Noisia next time! Your shit is too all over the place to get any zombie
    kill jams on”
    Goose replied with “Well, shit all their stuff is 3 minutes long what do
    you expect me to do? ‘Hey! Hold on Zombie wait right there while I change
    CDs'” Making a shrugging jesture.
    Sighing heavily quin shot back “Well, gee.. Thanks brolo! Means a lot”
    Looking off into the distance of death Goose counted all the people that
    were on the ground taking account of name tags and death toll.
    “I suppose Charlie is still alive and so is Hijax?” Questioning himself
    and Quin.
    Quin looked around and spotted them wasting ammo shooting into the sky.
    Quin noded at Goose and called them over.

    Charlie and Hijax were fellow pleasure seekers such as Goose, they like
    nothing more than to just have fun and do things their way. As such they
    developed a pack like mentality, they see people that are few (Very few)
    and indoctrinate such a person into their ways. This causes many to go
    crazy or just kill themselves. Mindfuckery is their best friend and the group never
    leaves home without it. All 4 of them mostly spent their off times pissing
    eachother off and pranking themselves, all of it was good fun in the end.

    Gooses eyes fixed on someone with such a misfortune of their leg being
    ripped off. Charlie boomed with his voice “DO YOU LIKE SPLINTER CELL???”
    The poor soul replied with “I…I…I never was…able to play….them..”
    This enraged Charlie shooting the guy all over without a second thought
    Brandon chuckled with his monotone eternally sarcastic “May as well just
    killed yourself buddy!”
    Charlie instantly regaining his cool jokingly laughed “420 cloud it YOLO!”
    Quin with such distaste pointed out that charlie shouldn’t have done that, the guy could have helped to which the group laughed at such a statement. After the good laugh they all set off to find the remainer of the outside forces.

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    Me and Goose had been talking about this story. It takes place in the same universe as mine, but this one is non-canon.

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