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    Meanwhile, on Overlord…


    Kitten watched over the body of water that the horde of zombies was to come from. He only had a few dozen men, and knew that he was going to need a lot more than that if he was going to hold back the waves of the undead. So, he used his power as an admin to put in a request for several spare quick reponses teams.


    Quick reponse teams within MMNB only had one goal, and that was to put down any threats that conventional military manpower couldn’t get to in time. They were lightly armed, with only a MP5 and three extra clips. Just enough to be light on the move, but still deadly.


    Eventually, after hours of silence, head command of the MMNB Armed Forces were finally able to respond. Although Holmar, under the watch of Quag, usually handled situations related to the Armed Forces, he was unavailabe. So, Matt was given charge of military related operations in the meantime.


    While Kitten was busy helping to sort out the strained supplies, the radio operator ran to him, and told him that Matt was ready to speak. Although Kitten was happy to hear that he had someone to talk too, he knew that the odds were against him that he would receive backup. Nevertheless, he still swiftly made his way to the radio.


    ”Yes, this is military installation 007, codenamed ‘Overlord’ does anybody respond? Over.” Kitten said over the radio.


    ”Yeah, this is central command, I read you loud and clear, the other guy said you wanted some help, is this correct? Over.” Matt said in response.


    ”Yeah, we were hoping we could get some quick response teams down here, we’re expecting a huge wave of ‘zeds’ at any moment now, and we’re short on men, can we get anything? Over.” Kitten asked.


    ”The recent attack on Abandoned Mall and Area 41 really left us thin ourselves, all quick response teams are either dead or depleted, it isn’t pretty, over.” Matt answered.


    ”Well damn, can we at least get some air drops? Over.” Kitten asked, somewhat angry.


    ”Uhh, depends, what do you need? Over.” Matt said.


    ”Rifle ammo, armor, grenades, over.” Kitten answered.


    ”Negative on all those, but we do have some artillery if you need any, along with the crews to operate them, over.” Matt said.


    ”Hot damn man, we could use that, thanks! Over.” Kitten said, very happy at the news.


    ”No problem, we’ll haul them onto some trucks and move them your way, ETA about 3 hours, over.” Matt said.


    Kitten turned off the radio, and went around, announcing the news to his men. The morale of the group improved heavily. With their spirits lifted up, the group began working. They placed boards, organized equipment, and practiced with various junk to use as melee weapons in case ammo ran out quicker than expected.


    Meanwhile, at Area 41…


    Quag, and what was left of his team of bodyguards were quickly running out of steam. Ammo was low, and help was nowhere to be found.


    ”Surely they didn’t kill everyone?” DarkReaper, one of Quag’s bodyguards, said.


    ”As much as I hate to admit it, you may be right, just room after room of bodies, it’s saddening, really.” Oracle, another one of Quag’s bodyguards, said.


    The small group of three were in the motor pool. The motor pool of the complex was where all of the APC’s and tanks that MMNB had salvaged were located. The three were in the process of deciding what to do. The most popular decision was to get the keys to one of the APC’s and run with it, then sending fireteams to recover the rest.


    Suddenly, the large door at the side of the room start opening, expecting more zombies, the group aimed their rifles towards the door, but were confused when they saw five armed figured run through.


    ”Oh thank God, more survivors!” Quag exclaimed.


    ”Not survivors, rescuers. No offense sir.” Zyx said.


    ”None taken, and you guys are a little late. Just about everyone here is dead, I just want to get out of here now.” Quag said, looking at a APC.


    The small group managed to start up the APC, using recovered maps from the motor pool, they made their way back to suburbia, and back to the Abandoned Mall for some rest. Tomorrow, Holmar, Quag, and the entire team of admins would gather up, reorganize, and try their best to find out what caused the sudden surge of zombie attacks all across MMNB held territories.

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