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    Some admins know what War Day is, it’s basically when several people on the MMNB server create teams, get a ”general” or some type of leader, and then go and kill eachother for fun.

    I, and some others, found it to be fun. However, it was unorganized by the community, and unrecognized by top MMNB leadership. I think it could be made fun, and less messy, if we make an actual day for it, and maybe even get some community mappers to make some maps designed around it. It would work something like this:

    -Each team with have a unique tag, and a leader

    -The leader would reserve the rights to order the ”soldiers” to do what he wants

    -The leader has the right to kill any soldier that doesn’t comply with his orders

    -Zombies are completely void from any of this

    -No zombie teams

    Those are the core elements of War Day. I am hoping both Quag and Holmar will recognize this as a potentional weekly event, and maybe as a way to stir up activity on the ZPS server.



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