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    11/25/2012 between 2:45 and 2:55 a player “Kurt Cobain” was on one of your servers, along with myself, another person, and 2 people I am assuming were friends of his. I had joined late and the other person had either joined late or died, and they were at wave 6 with  6 roaming zombies with no points left. The 3 living people (Kurt Cobain w/ assumed 2 friends) sat in the gun store doing absolutely nothing for a few minutes, the person “Kangaroo” (dead in chat with me) changed his name to “Kill the last 6 Zombies ffs” to get his point across, and then changed in back. After another 2 minutes or so, he left. Soon after, a supply crate dropped and I was respawned with the last 6 zombies. I go over and grab a machete (they had 4 or 5 neatly piled in the gun store) and I head to the Supply Drop. “Kurt Cobain” proceeds to stab me in the face with his SKS, and kills me, allowing himself and his 2 assumed friends to loot the Supply Drop. I then respawn after the last 6 zombies are killed, grab the machete I died with and a leftover gun from the supply crate and head out to the center of the mall in front of the gun store and diner, where I encounter “Kurt Cobain” again, I state (direct quote) “Please do not TK me again, or I will bring an admin in”, he proceeds to kill me… again, leaving only him and his 2 assumed friends alive in the server. Frankly, the only admin I know (who told me I could ask him to enter the server and intervene during any TKing incident) was offline. I did not video the incident, and apparently TK’s don’t show in the console, so I have no proof of this happening, but I hope the rather detailed story will help vouch for the validity of the ban request.

    http://i.cubeupload.com/6W8ti5.png" />

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    Kill him back?

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