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    I will not be on MMNB much anymore. The servers. I still like to hop on the forums with my phone or whatever have you. When in the few times I come on. I hope I will have something. I don’t ask for much. I only am putting this out here because I do not trust ZYX or much of the people on here for that matter. So. I extend my apologies to those I might have offended. I just don’t want to come on with a troll or minge and there is nothing I can do about it. So. without further Adieu. I leave this up to Quag. I just wanted to be striaght forward about this. I know he will let Matt keep his stuff no matter how long he is gone. But I don’t know about me.
    I hope this doesn’t cause too much drama, which most of my posts tend to recieve. But look on the brightside. Vets day? Nah..

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    Goose, there are no plans for changing your status.  We want you involved as much as you can be :)


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    If he is active on atleast the forums he shouldn’t lose anything. Just as Taco put it.


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    You’re a cool guy Goose, you won’t loose anything like Taco said . :P

    Peace friend.


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    Goose i don’t think you will loose anything aslong as your active on the fourms and check up on the servers every now and again but thats how i think it should be.

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    Well,I do hope i will see you on No more room in hell

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