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    Hello everyone and if Quag is reading this, you may remember me from gamebanna. xD Yes I was quite delighted when you said you where gunna host the map and I checked this website to see if I could join the game :P I’m gunna be active on this forum as I like the looks of it and yeah :)

    As you may know I am a mapper and I wouldn’t mind making a map or two for this community. I hope you take my offer and I will also tell you that I have not revealed to anyone else.

    I’m gunna be launching a walking dead map pack which consists of the hospital in season 1 and the prison in the newest season 3 hope you like the idea. I am almost finished with the hospital and may launch it on the 31st of October As I see you are planning to do somthing on that day you could squeeze this map in maybe? :P But yep thats about it folks.

    Youtube vid for my previous nmrih map: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob6XqBbnygU&feature=my_liked_videos&list=LLJOggPgRUlw9ehzapyUrCHg

    Also gimmie details when the nms_townsquare will be hosted. Thanks :)

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    Hello and welcome! ;)

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    Dan, great to see you on our forum threads.  Nms_townsquare is currently being hosted on our NMRIH server (you should be able to rock the vote to it).  Feel free to friend me on steam.  Greate to hear that you are incorporating The Walking Dead into your maps (awesome idea!).  I am looking forward to all of your upcoming maps!


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    Well, although i do not make any final decisions, the map you have made looks pretty nice, and to have a larger variety of maps on the sever would be no bad thing.

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