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    I dont think I need to explain, I lost my internet again. (My mother is just being over-protective again) But I will let you guys know what happened.


    I go to a private Christian school, we only have roughly 30 students. School started back for me about…4 weeks ago I think? Anyways, before that, my mother went there to put me back in, during her short visit there. She asked who all was coming back, and then it got brought up that 5 of the original class members I went to school with isn’t returning because of stuff that they found out, guess how they found out?

    By pulling Facebook records and texts messages.

    For those 5 students, it was drinking, smoking, and probably out-of-wedlock sexual contact. I dont know about the latter, but pretty much major violations, and because It’s a Christian school…I doubt I need to explain.

    However, believe it or not, I hold myself up a high morale standard. My only offence was swearing over Facebook, which they just sorta laughed at. At school, I am pretty much an honor student, I follow all the rules and make decent grades. Not once did they say that ”Eric (Eric is my name for those that don’t know) is going to get kicked out if he doesn’t get any better!” but my mom went ahead and took it anyways.

    Im sorry that I’ve been gone. And when I asked my mom when I could get it back, she says ”It’s not even open for debate right now.” So, Hell, I might not even get it back before Im 18, we’ll see.

    The only reason I can type this message is because Im at my Aunt’s house for the next little while, my mother won’t even let me use the IPad.

    My relationship with my Mother is great, I’ve probably painted her as a bitch, she isn’t. Just concerned. School Is great, and Im enjoying it. I just entered High School, and holy shit, I hate Math.

    Anyways, I’ll still be at my Aunt’s for maybe another hour, if any of you that see this have a question, just ask, I may still be here to answer.

    Hello and Goodbye.


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    My first thought was “The Binding of Isaac” 


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    good job buddy

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