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    Okay, so there have been some people begging me for admin. BEGGING. Telling me they would fuck me. Telling me that I am their bestest friend, hero, you name it. So, I think you all need to stop bullshitting me. I know bullshit when I hear it. I do. Sometimes I go with it out of boredom, but seriously I know bullshit. So please don’t give me shtick. Don’t tell me lies. So.don’t give me a reason to not wanna be your friend. I know you think by begging and thinking you are my friend. Oh, he’ll do this if I beg enough. I won’t, I seriously don’t want people I know wouldn’t listen to me if higher friends or people on the ladder come in. I want people that would listen to me over their mothers. So, I think you need to not feel left out or if you feel bad about them having admin and you don’t (your friends or family?) It doesn’t matter. It’s not something you can throw around or abuse. Just stop with the bs.

    So let’s all stop begging me for admin. Thank you.

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    Also called brown-nosing, and something that a lot of people have an issue with apparently.

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