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      Now, as many of you know the net and servers are filled with trolls and greifers. I myself am a very huge troll when I am not in admin status. I take my ranks and status as honorably as I can. I really try my best not to. But I know where most of the trols are coming from and what they are doing. I often times see myself relating to them better than the actual admins. Because as we all know, alike individuals can smell eachother out (and get into groups). So, I often times feel like many people don’t understand why I am friends with the server trolls. I usually try to be as fair as possible (To my extent).
      Most people think I should jusr be friends with admins, but why just be friends with admins? If you are friends with trolls then you can not be trolled and you can have more friends?!!?!? Why doesn’t anyone see this. Trolls do not troll friends… Well, they don’t do it to my face. (Scared?)

    I’ll continue this later.

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    Per my other post, as long as you and all others are following the server Rules, I am completely fine with whatever you do while playing on the server and the decisions you make regarding the other admins and community members. 

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