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    It has come to my attention I have been harsh or mean to some people without them understanding “why”. I am not going to name any people. What I am going to do is write up a little something-something for those of you that need help.

    1. If you are going to type like “idk” or “i liek puniez” don’t type at all. I am a huge grammar nazi and I hate when people type like that.
    2. If you tell me you are a girl/little kid/map creator, I am going to need a massive amount of proof, I am not the type of idiot to believe word of mouth. So if you tell me something of that nature, then bring proof and tons of it.
    3. If you bitch at me or ask me for many favors then it will annoy me and cause me to take drastic measures to give you a “hint”.
    4. If you do not accept my “sorry” or give me forgiveness, then that will cause me to be an “antagonist” to you.
    5. If you try to pull any stunts, ask me for admin or try and pose as one. That is a ban. Depends on my mood how long.
    6. When I try to be nice, take it. Because it is rare and half the time I am very pissed, unhappy and very displeased.
    7. If you ask me why I am the way I am, get ready for a novel.
    8. Finally, if you never talk to me and think we are still friends, that is just stupid.

    Read all this and I hope it helps.
    I will add things on if I think I need to, but most of this stuff is a no brainer.

    I notice there are some errors, I will fix them later.



    9. If anyone asks me about if I have a girlfriend or someone I am into, then that is just stupid as well.I only loved one girl my entire life, actually loved. And that was WAYYY back in 2005 when I was young. Now a days I don’t care. If I get one then, I know it will end soon. Nothing lasts forever and as I like to say “Everything burns at sometime.” People these days say shit they never mean, so why bother meaning anything if the other one doesn’t.. If you think this is negative then, I don’t care. I sincerely don’t care.

    10. If you are my friend, then that is cool. You can think one thing and I can think something else. I am quite fine by that. Be retarded. That makes it much funnier and easier for me to get you. If I am ACTUALLY your friend (EX: Quag, Holmar, Shifty, Quin, MMNB admins ETC) I show kindness to a slight degree and actually try for said people.

    11. I listen to metal, I have some songs I like that are electronic or of the techno-ish sort. (I do have some songs that totally deviate from what I usually like) Most of the time I only like metal and I hardly, RARELY like anything else. If you get mad if I don’t like your music and you send me something like soft rock or some shit like that.

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    Thank you for making this Goose! It will help me in accepting with your particular views and ideas. Not only will it help me. It will also help anyone that wants to join the server when your on!

    P.S. There is one thing that I don’t like about you making this. That is because i liek puniez.


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    I plainly show it.


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    Man.. that was cold. ‘-‘

    But was nice to know other side of you. ^^

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