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    Cpt Quag has the Swag and is getting girls to play on the server. Sex appeal is always a great advertiser so how about you post your mug in your picture (aslong as you are semi-attractive).

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    CPT QuaG
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    Thank you all for the compliments. . . any suggestions or help in getting our community to be better and more exciting .  .  .  I am more than willing to entertain!


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    That is my point Wickk.  Last time I checked Quag got quite a few more compliments.  They like the way he looks, the more likely they will play on the server.  Now imagine if we get a few more of the attractive admins to post their pics.


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    Have you seen his steam picture? That is what he looks like. Since I checked two people have said he looks great! Including Coca.

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