This is a Continuation About the Admin Anger.

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All I did was tell the truth and express people’s concerns, and you go and do this for no reason. We may be bitching and moaning, but we haven’t done anything wrong, nor against you, or the server. 

Im not trying to save myself either, Im trying to give a solution to-your-problem, that will fix the issue, shut people up, and improve the server. You may be head admin, but what you’re doing isn’t required at all. You can remove the tumors freely, but until you stop smoking (Or in this case, being negative as you are) you’re not going to fix the problem.

Also Goose, what is getting done by getting rid of most of the admins? I dont see a long-term solution, some admins you may keep, and some others will return, but then what? Your atitude doesn’t improve, the general condition of the server doesn’t improve, and people are still complaining.

In my solution, everybody wins.

In your solution, you win, and everything else suffers.

At least think it over, nothing has been done yet. 

Go over the facts, and at least think over it.

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