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      Hello Noobs should be banned with the reasons of Aim bot. During the game play there were many unexplained situations where Hello Noobs would 180 around to an immediate head shots. I started to spectate his game play and watched his cross-hair, “twitching” about and sitting straight on a players head, and for those reasons I feel that this account was using aim bot.

      After I issued a VoteBan for the server to ban him for 30 minutes immediately afterwards the server was Dedosed.

      Furthermore, I used my crappy phone to record his game play( as I do not have a program to record such things) as proof for the things I have explained.

      This is his account. ->

      Again sorry for the crappy phone video! XD

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        • @zombielle
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        Thanks for the report Kandi.
        He clearly has a lock on with every ones head, so he is getting permanent banned.
        Oh and look at that at 0:46 he knew when to blow up that IED.
        In my opinion all admins should BAN all obvious hackers such as speed hackers and aimbotters/Wall hackers.
        I understand why you didn’t ban him since Quag prefers to “have two admins involved in a permaban situation”.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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