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      Build 12/22/2015


      – Flatline Beta Changes

      Zombies walking speed now scales

      Waves 1-2 all zombies move slower

      Waves 3-5 half of the zombies move fast

      Waves 6-10 all zombies move fast

      Slight nerf to number of overall zombies and riot zombies in each wave

      Numerous map bug fixes


      – Weapon Changes

      Mossberg shotgun reworked to be good at wave clearing, but less effective damage versus single – targets such as riot zombies

      Remington shotgun has great single target power but is weaker against wave clearing

      Sig Sauer has improved accuracy

      Fixed bug with Sig Sauer where your camera position could be misdirected to the side


      – General Updates

      Phone has improved default equipped view position so viewing the display is easier

      Cockroach has improved running animations

      Improved roach spectator camera functionality


      – Xmas Holiday Update

      New Client variable in = Options > Multiplayer > Show Holiday Extras

      Default enabled, can be disabled if you are a scrooge and wish to turn off zombie xmas themed attachments

      Reindeer Headband

      Glowing Rudolph Nose

      Holiday Wreath

      Santa Hat

      All maps have been populated with holiday themed assets including snow covered textures and falling snow particles


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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