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    Jaxon James Curtis

    So today i was in the teamspeak and i was talking to someone in the battle royale chat and then one of the peopole said i fucked your mom or somewhere around the lines of that and then i said yeah sure i fucked your dad (as a joke) and somone said oh are you gay i said yeah u gonna hate and mind you i was saying this quiet sarcasticly and then some peopole actully was guillable enogh to believe it aparently and then Luicfiers omega wanted to get me banned for being i homo and i said i was jokeing after but they were all like i dunno dude i think you are a homosexual and then i was kicked from the chat please ban this person theres been many cases of him being annoying as fuck and braggin all the fucking time about his perfect fuckin life and how he doesent go to school and all this shit bla bla bla.

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    I was in this chat and it was going both ways. You can’t say something like that and expect people to know you’re speaking in “sarcasm”. As much as the guy annoys a lot of us, this was not a one sided subject. Both could be misconstrued and while you were not in a game with the rest of us (at the time), yes, you were kicked from the chat because nobody wanted to hear a retaliation every 5 seconds from somebody who wasn’t even in game at the time. I’m not saying Lucifer isn’t at fault, but It’s annoying and it’s not going to happen, at least when I’m in the channel. All of you kids need to grow up or go play somewhere else.

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