Tabajara Takes Level Design Position with Tripmine Studios

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      It is my pleasure to announce that our very own, Tabajara is taking a job with TripMine Studios to work as a game level designer. TripMine Studios is currently working on a remake to Half-Life 1 Opposing Force entitled, Operation Black Mesa. More information can be found at the link below:



      Taba has been with the Zombie Gaming Community from the beginning and has done an outstanding job over this past year as our Community Chief Administrator. We wish him well and know that we will be seeing some exciting things from him in the future. We hope that we can get one last map out of you (maybe Abandoned Mall Remake for Contagion. . . hint, hint).


      We are embarking on a new phase of the Community existence. We are looking at expanding ourselves over the next year with more focus on Zombie based games and more interaction and content on our website. We also will be holding nominations for a new Chief Administrator. Information on how we will proceed will be published within the next two weeks.


      If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us on our Steam Community Page, Website or directly at [email protected]


      Congrats Taba and we always look forward to having you game with us!

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        Nice one! Proud!

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          Wowzer!  Congradulations. :)

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