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      The Zombie Gaming website is still serving a large number of visitors each month, however it doesn’t appear that we still get the same traffic on the forums.  We are looking for suggestions on what everyone feels we should do to best improve the website.  Your thoughts do matter.  Please feel free to provide your thoughts on this forum thread. 

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        • @drleonsisk

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        I can’t really see anything wrong wit hthe website. I personally like how it is. a fine imporvement on how it was befor.e I’m sure others would agree that we’re quite comfortable with how it is. I suppose that we’re all just off playing different games, doing jobs and the sort.

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          • @zoeyz

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          I don’t really see a prob with how the fourms are set up. I check the fourms about daily still (Even though I havnt really been apart of the group in awhile). There are just no topics that have really striked me as “interesting”, plus no new threads have been made in about a month excluding this

          CPT QuaG
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            Thanks Taco.  I am going to start getting discussions posted again to keep the forums moving, please feel free for ou all to do the same :)

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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