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      Valve pulled the switch releasing the full version of Contagion. We will have our server updated this weekend with more servers to be created. A full list of updates of this new release can be found below:

      – New Character Designs

      – Barlowe Square Escape Map

      – Added Difficulty options to Contagion

      – New menu background videos

      – New menu background video play-list and loading code

      – New entire UI redesign

      – New loading icon and loading screen

      – New splash screen

      – Added achievements

      – Added achievements viewer page under Extra

      – Created new map and gamemode selecting element

      – New start game menu

      – New find-game menu with matchmaking styled background server finding

      – Completed 100% controller support for all menu’s

      – Controller settings options menu

      – New keyboard bind menu

      – Added new main-menu track and optional menu track to play on load

      – New loading and credits music tracks

      – Fixed ironsight toggle bugs and new system allows ironsight and duck toggle options instead of seporate key binds

      – Added SteamCloud support game configuration file

      – New map pictures for start and find game

      – Added difficulty option elements to find and start game

      – Fixed character selection being dark or completely black

      – Fixed zombies standing up in vents to attack

      – Fixed zombie AI issues when tracking sounds causing expensive – – AI calculations

      – Added Extreme difficulty and difficulty based console commands for each difficulty

      – Fixed doors opening then instantly closing on high-ping servers

      – Added difficulty tag to servers

      – Added voice commands and character voices

      – Added auto voice commands

      – Fixed sounds not starting properly on RPD

      – Fixed infection effects appearing on new round

      – Fixed muffled sounds caused by ingame pause menu

      – Fixed muffled sounds when in low health

      – Fixed old GPS position being shown to survivors on a new round in Extraction

      – Fixed fires setting AI survivors on fire

      – Fixed zombie players from dying instantly when on fire

      – Fixed breakable glass sounds and amount of damage glass does to players

      – Optimized flashlight code for far away players

      – Fixed drop weapon and drop ammo to not ‘poop’ the ammo out

      – Also fixed ammo bunching up and floating when dropped in large amounts

      – Fixed commenting on finding a weapon or ammo straight after or before picking up an item

      – Added survivor voice commands and sounds. E.g. jump, pain, die or melee attack

      – Added infection on zombie damage chance for specific difficulties

      – Added proper gamemode logic and settings for different difficulties

      – New weapon ‘BLR’ added to game along with new sniper and BLR ammo

      – Added holstering weapons when climbing a ladder

      – Fixed zombies climbing as often when not needed

      – Made zombie, item, weapon and ammo spawns in maps adjusted by difficulty

      – New weapon ‘IED’

      – IED icon changing added

      – New zombie type ‘Riot Police’

      – Super tough zombies that can’t be headshotted

      – Added arrow ammo pack that contains 6 arrows instead of individual arrows

      – Added ability to enable/disable infection and/or zombie players in your own servers

      – New zombie type ‘Inmates’. More common in RPD, less common in Aurora

      – Implemented and finalized all achievements

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        • @drleonsisk

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        Well hot damn.

        CPT QuaG
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          Updated hotfix info:

          Contagion :: 2014-04-13 Update/Hotfix for Full Release

          -Heavily optimised game resources by almost half when settings are lowered

          -Fixed players standing on ladders stopping zombies from climbing up

          -Fixed and added back IED weapon

          -Fixed zombie spawns on Barlowe servers causing MAX EDICTS crash

          -Removed lots of unnecessary resources from the game

          -Disabled tossing objective items out of the loading bay

          -Fixed getting stuck in the overturned train in Pioneer

          -Added security cameras to Barlowe escape

          -Fixed cameras in RPD to show correctly for all players

          -Fixed lighting in Subway on Barlowe Escape

          -Fixed Singleplayer/LAN servers having default passwords

          -Fixed AI zombies getting stuck in RPD vent

          -Fixed AI zombies standing up and getting stuck when in areas that require crouching

          -Game now reads the update text on a second thread to remove the delay that sometimes occurs.

          -Fixed dropped weapons colliding with invisible barricade positions

          -Adjusted loading-screen to recieve additional messages to help keep up with changing levels

          -AI survivors now have the ability to climb ladders, small props and fences instead of getting stuck

          -AI survivors also now have the ability to get un-stuck much easier and build better paths to follow survivors

          -Fixed being able to spawn outside the map on Barlowe

          -Many navmesh fixes for various maps

          -Fixed indoor rain FX on Barlowe

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            • @drleonsisk

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            is it jsut me, or does movement in contagion feel.. stiff?

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