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    Extra Note: If your sound is glitchy, please head to your SteamApps/common/nmrih/nmrih folder and delete the following files: 


    modelsounds.cachenmrih.vpk.sound.cachesound.cache (this one’s located at common/nmrih/nmrih/sound)

    Extra Extra Note: Steam will automatically install this update, FYI. 




    1.07.9 is finally out. It introduces a new weapon, a new survival map, a new objective map, and a few dozen fixes. Also, you can now quickly find servers you can start playing right away in. Click “Add common tags…” on the bottom right of the server browser and select “Spawning:Active” to only list servers where there are at least 25 seconds left for spawning. 



    Levels will now follow the zombie caps set in the overlord_zombie_helper map entity

    Zombies will no longer walk to func_safe_zones which have the InputDeactivate flag enabled

    Zombies should now all properly freeze in place when the Extraction Cutscene starts

    Zombies will now longer spawn in the middle of the Extraction Cutscene

    Fixed a crash that involved infection and constant map changing/round resetting

    Fixed a bug that caused players to get stuck using Health crates

    Tracked zombies have been redefined as zombies who have a specific spawn brush

    Wave and func_zombie_spawn.input_zombie_spawn mapper created zombies will now count against the map-based zombie cap.

    Disabled the tactical reload functionality for the Mac 10

    Added func_nav_blocker entity

    Added fa_jae700

    Added nmo_junction

    Added nms_campblood

    Added new achievements for the two new maps

    Added new tags in Server Browser to make searching easier

    Disabled auto weapon switch on pickup

    Fixed a bunch of small things related to crashes and memory corruption

    Updated version number to 1.07.9

    Made ssba more of a jerkwad



    Fixed sound errors with certain Voice Sets

    Hooked in new ambient/tension/evac music files to Dynamic Music System

    Added the ability to taunt zombies and other players



    Updated the Winchester 1892 ironsight fire animation to be ‘less flashy’

    Added the JAE700 Sniper Rifle

    Added various new textures and props for junction/campblood and future maps

    Converted older prop models to prop_static

    Removed outdated props with missing textures

    Made additional visual tweaks to the zombie player models


    Recompiled the following maps to properly use the now functioning zombie cap values set in overlord_zombie_helper: nmo_broadway, nmo_chinatown, nmo_cabin, nms_flooded, nms_northway, nms_silence, nms_isolated, nms_ransack

    Made minor adjustments in the garage area in nmo_chinatown

    Added a new Objective level, Junction.

    Added a new Survival level, Campblood.


    Blocked/closed upstairs windows (removed unused hint/skip)

    Added tonemap controller to the level (adjusted hdr)

    Improvements to some lighting.

    Redid the bridge connecting the two houses

    Removed Zone B, made the two houses fall under Zone A

    Added some lighting.

    Added new smoke particles to fire barrels.

    Improved some displacements.

    Some texture improvements.

    Improved functionality to supply drop air_node nav.

    Fixed broken outputs wave controller

    Changed max zombie count to 70

    Changed supply drop from every 5 rounds to every 3 rounds.

    Other small improvements.

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