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    SVN BUILD 3918

    – Fixed lag compensation and hitboxes on zombie players and survivors. (hope this means less lag.)

    – Improved net-code update and latency timers.

    – Fixed not being able to reload sniper and mossberg.

    – Fixed missing bullet decals.

    – Adjusted soundsystem update system for NPC’s.

    – Adjusted soundsystem state updating for player deaths.

    – Fixed missing floor textures.

    – Fixed stuttering while holding melee secondary attacks.

    – Added melee weapon attack gibs system.

    – Removed melee attack stamina limit for primary attack.

    – Melee swipe attacks now have the chance to do more damage to the head.

    – Added grenade and explosion gibs to zombies.

    – Added non-fatal grenade explosion gibs.

    – Remade melee system again for steady reliability of attacking.

    – Fixed hit detection on melee, distances still need balancing.

    – Removed ability to sprint while charging melee attacks.

    – Recompiled material VPK’s due to modified directory structure.

    – Removed christmas update, models, textures, sounds etc.

    – Attempted fix of invisible and T-pose zombie models by forcing model update on spawn.

    – Added various new updated props for all maps.

    – New sound updates and attenuation fixes for all weapons.

    – Fixed ar15 looping sound error fixed.

    – Fixed KG9 attenuation.

    – Fixed nav problems in RPD, also fixed fires lighting.

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    Servers to be updated today!

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