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    CPT QuaG

    ***Updated Info – Please Read!***

    Our current Chief (Head) Admin, Holmar, also for now and forever known as The Godfather, has to step down as Chief Admin due to personal issues that requires more of his attention elsewhere. Holmar has expressed his disappointment and frustration that he has not been able to contribute more to the community over the past 5-6 months. For this reason he feels that it would be better for the community for an election to take place. With that, we are now taking nominations. Prospective Nominees should read the Chief Admin Policy & Expectations section prior to engaging in the campaign.  Voting will be different this year and will constitute three phases: 

    Phase I – Nominations 

    Nominations will start on 21 July and will end on 9 August. The nomination CAN be for yourself.  This will both announce your interest in the position and acceptance of any nomination.  In this instance, two different individuals must second your self nomination.  Indivdiuals being nominated by someone else must accept the nomination and one other individual must second the nomination. The person being nominated at that point would officially be considered a Nominee.  Nominations do not necessarily have to be for a current or past admin, however it is recommended that it is.

    Phase II – Nominee to Candidate 

    Nominees being considered by the Community to be a Candidate, must provide a forum post outlining why they would make a good Candidate. Forum post can talk about anything related to how they will bring value to the community. This could be anything from adding their community to our community, to membership growth through new games, etc. On August 1st, there will be vote for all Nominees. The top two (2) Nominees will become the two Candidates

    Phase III – Candidate to Final Election 

    During the week of August 5th, there will be a Community wide open mic debate hosted by CPT QuaG. The debate will be a 35 min question and response. Candidates must we well prepared to debate the following topics: 

    1. How will you achieve the community goals? 
    2. What are your plans to grow membership and activity? 
    3. What would be your future plans on the direction you would be taking the community?

    At the end of this debate, there will be a 24 hour vote to determine the next head admin. Only one unique vote will count.  Please provide your nomination in this forum, Good luck!

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    I nominate DrLeonSisk

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    I nominate Dr.Leon Sisk


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    I nominate NuclearTaco


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    This is very professional Quag, I nominate DontExpect

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