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    At Abandoned Mall B2…

    ”So, what exactly happened?” Quag asked, talking to Matt, inquiring about Area 41.

    ”Well, it seems that we have a traitor, most likely a few, in the ranks.” Matt said unhappily.

    ”Who?” Holmar asked, confused, and a little paranoid.

    ”THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON’T REGULATE THE ADMINS!” Zyx said a few rooms down, having to yell because of the distance.

    ”Yes, well, I want to figure out who could’ve done this, and make it quick.” Holmar ordered, getting up to go back to his office.

    Holmar said his goodbye, and then left. Before Quag continued, he also ordered Zyx to leave also, a little displeased with his comment.

    ”Now then, tell me Matt, what all has happened in my leave? Anything I need to know about?” Quag asked.

    ”Actually, yes, it was confirmed that Overlord is going to come under attack from a zombie horde, and it’s a big one too.” Matt answered.

    ”How big?” Quag then asked, a little concerned.

    ”Around the same size as the one that attacked Area 41, maybe a little less, or a little more. They’re coming from the ocean.” Matt stated.

    ”Ahh crap, this is just what we need.” Quag said, somewhat angry, ”I’ll tell Holmar, it’s in his hands now.” He finished.

    Quag alerted Holmar of the situation, Holmar’s reaction was about the same as Quag’s. He was upset that he had to fight another huge zombie horde. He had warning at least, something he didn’t with the last two attacks, but this time, he doesn’t have the manpower.

    Because Area 41, the central hub of MMNB military manpower, was lost. All administration that was military related was moved to Abandoned_Base_mmnb. Which was basically the same as Area 41, but smaller, and was in a forest, not a desert. However, it also housed several APC’s and tanks, almost the same number as Area 41 did.

    Holmar spent the rest of the day trying to organize the fragments of the MMNB Armed Forces. Civilians were uneasy because of how many soldiers were killed in this brutal, completely unexpected attack by several thousand zombies. Thankfully, few civilians died.

    At Overlord…

    Kitten sat down in a chair, watching the waves beat against the beach. The artillery was in place, ready for action. That still doesn’t mean victory will be easy. A lot of people are still going to die.

    Beach_Armory is just three miles from the beach at Overlord. It’s not only a weapons cache, but also servers as a port for trade between MMNB and the small local government is charge of zpo_Frozenheart_v1.

    The only reason why it was known that zombies were on their way to Overlord was because while on a trading mission, one of two ships that carries supplies to zpo_Frozenheart_v1 was attacked in the middle of the night by waterborn zombies. The ship was called Deadliest_Catch and although it sent out a distress beacon, it was mostly underwater and showed no signs of survivors when a rescue helicopter came to pick up survivors. The rescue helicopter then reported the sighting of the large horde of zombies, all on the waters surface, swimming their way towards Overlord.

    Kitten got up, and walked over to the upper entrance of Overlord. He went over the plan with all of his soldiers.

    ”Alright, so here’s the plan, I’ve split you all into teams three teams. When the first zeds start to pop up, I want you guys, team one, to start poping heads with the magnum’s. Then team two, you guys break open the grenade and IED crates. Plant IED’s on the beach, and then grab three or four grenades each. Throw them into bundled up groups of zombies, while team one picks off the rambos.”

    Kitten continued. ”Team three, at this point, I want you guys to set up on the upper trench levels. You all have automatic weapons, so find a good spot, and make each shot count. Now, team two, when you run out of grenades, use your IED’s. Then head to the first two bunkers, barricade, and prepare for a tough fight. Team one, I then want you to retreat to the upper levels of the trench with team three. At this point, the artillery should start firing. So save your ammo for when the bombing stops.” Kitten finished.

    Kitten ended his ”speech” abruptly, but had too. He dismissed his men for the rest of the evening. Kitten then went to the bunker with the radio, and then tried to contact Beach Armory, a little curious as to what their were doing. What he heard though, was odd.

    He heard shooting, screaming, and what sounded like wood breaking. He then heard a loud bang, before eventually the transmission ended in static. All the while unable to talk to anybody.

    They’re already here.

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