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    Taco picked up all the magnum ammo on the counter, reloading swiftly as a zombie busted through the window. He raised his revolver, and fired, send the scalp of the undead creature flying back, hitting the wall. Taco came out of the book store, and looked to his right to see Zyx and Castle shooting automatic weapons at a large horde coming around the corner. The both of them stopped firing when they realized it was pointless, and start retreating to the reception area. Taco ran to the counters, and saw three other zombies coming at him from three different directions. He took all three of them, firing five shots in total.

    As Zyx and Castle arrived to their destination, the horde continued following. Eventually, Holmar came around the corner, he said a brief hello, and fired his Winchester. Following behind him was his guards, they were also armed with automatic weapons and kelvar vests, but they were low on ammo, and were tired. The group of survivors engaged the large horde, with the carriers being the first to be taken out. The battle raged for several minutes, Holmar gave out an order for all remaining MMNB soldiers to regroup at the food court, any infected were shot and killed.

    Taba and Wickk returned with supplies and reinforcements, they managed to secure a little over half the mall, but lacked the manpower to take anymore. Holmar led his small gathered army across the rest of the mall, taking GAP and Gamestop quickly, the rest fell within minutes. After the battle, Holmar called a meeting with the admins.

    ”So, who was responsible for letting the outer barricades fall?” Holmar asked.

    ”It was either Eclipse or Leon, everyone was at Lake_of_Legends or Mall_Of_The_Dead at the time of the attack.” Wickk said.

    ”Actually, where is Leon and Eclipse?” Zyx asked, looking around

    ”Eclipse was found dead in the back of Gamestop, and Leon is getting treated for scratch marks, he isn’t infected.” Castle answered, reading post-battle statistics.

    ”Damn it all to hell, we lost a fourth one!” Holmar yelled, upset at the loss of Eclipse.

    ”Hey, the loss of Eclipse is sad, but we really don’t have the time to set up funerals, or to mourn. The surviving zombies are gathering back up, and are attacking Area 41.” Castle said, reading off the last of the post-battle statistics.

    ”Oh shit, that’s where Quag is!” Taba said.

    ”Damn it! Okay, Taba, get the helicopter ready, we leave in five!” Holmar said, running off.

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    Hahah,I love it I want Part two :D

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