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    And decided to create MMNB in NationStates!

    I tried to make all the settings seem as close to what it should be. If Quag wants, I can give him the password and let him play around with it. NationStates can be fun if you like RPing and have a good amount of free time.

    Wasn’t able to fit the full motto, but I got the shortened version, good enough!

    As I said Quag, just say so and I’ll give you the password, but if you don’t want it, it’s fine too. Because if that’s the case, then I was hoping we could get a seperate forum section devoted to this, where every Monday, I would propose 5 ”issues” the game gives me, and the community could vote on them, and then come the following Sunday, I would answer them that way, and then start again Monday.

    As I know a lot about the game, If anybody has any questions, I will answer them.

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