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    So as you may know I was inactive for sometime, one of the reason was because I lost intrest in NMRiH, and I was busy with my GMod community, I am still running my Garry’s mod community but I am now finding time to map again. So I plan to use this time to continue mapping for you guys, I will continue with that map I never finished and the reason that stopped me from finishing that map was because there was a problem with zombies spawning, I will take a look at the map and see what I can do to fix it. Expect more maps from me, but it will be a few weeks before I start mapping actively again.

    Sorry for my inactivness.


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    Glad to hear you’re back in business. And as Quag said, I’m anticipating the 1.07 release of NMRIH.

    No need to worry about your inactiveness, some of us have been inactive as well, if not sitting on the sidelines looking at things happen. I’ve just been dealing with TK reports and the such.

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    Outstanding Acelin, we are all anticipating the 1.07 release of NMRIH.  I will be sure to get all of our mappers updates posted on the website.  Thanks again for all of your contributions. 

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