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    Yeah guys… my time… has come. RETIRED *snift* :(

    This year i won’t be soo much active working on my maps as 2012 was. At 2012 i created Core Complex v3; Deathrun Jungle ; Frozen Heart and Training map.

    This year, i will be very busy more with my school and future work. I don’t even get my personal time stuff and with my family sometimes :/. Where is the Steam time so? I really not sure about my time in steam in this year but the development of my maps will be kind slow now.

    So my future work in SOURCE SDK will be :


    You can watch my WIPs at gamebanana .

    So guys, i will be always here on Forums and at Steam. Want help or talk, any time, at steam :)

    Hugs hugs, cya and take care.

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    Thanks Taba for everything you did for us in 2012. We look forward to your projects in 2013.  You have been a huge supporter of our community and really apreciate your continued involvement on our team.  Keep up the great work!

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    Yeah,Enjoy school,enjoy the time with your family,and looking forward to the new condominium


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    ok :( . Have fun spending tim with your family though! :)

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