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    Have sprays been disabled in the ZPS server? I try to spray at a wall and nothing happens, so I assume they’ve either been disabled, or I’m glitched somehow. I hope it’s the latter, because we all waited so long for them to give back ZPS sprays.

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    For whatever its worth, they were work OK tonight.  Glad sprays are back in ZP. :)


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    Hey thanks guys, I guess I’ll have to mess around in the console to figure this one out.


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    Shifty I would check your settings. in console type cl_playersdisablesprays 0 (i may be wrong about the name but it will show up when your typing as you know if you have ever used the console) You will need to spray again after that command to see it. all sprays before you change the vaule of the command will not be visable to you.

    If that does not work i would check to see your decal limits.



    I am not possitive that thoes are the right commands. I can never seem to remember the commands for decals.

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    I didn’t change a setting on the server to disable sprays.  I know that when the update was done to introduce sprays back to ZPS, they were disabled by default and you had to turn them on.  I will check today or tomorrow to ensure sprays are working. 

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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