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    bloodsugar is not good being a admin. She dont use her admin commands the propre way. The old admins like quizzy quin, lulu, Shifty and other admins to play more in mmnb and do their jobs? bring them back!

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    Problem solved.


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    i dont see her abuse her powers

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    So Quin and Shifty are admins and I definately recommending encouraging them to play on the server.  Lulu requested to have her admin removed so you will need to speak with her about why she no longer wanted to be admin.  Since this is the first formal complaint about BloodSugar, Holmar will engage BloodSugar about this issue.  Continual rule breaking is not tolerated and admins can have their privleges removed.  If this is an isolated incident, we try at MMNB to give the benefit of the doubt and forgive both players and admins quickly so that ultimately we can all enjoy a good zombie killing.  I will let Holmar take the thread from here. 

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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