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    If you all hate me so much then fine, that’s cool. Get rid of the only guy keeping this together. I only have a few last things to say to some people. If or if I don’t go. I am just saying this to tell you all my thoughts about each and everyone of you. Good and bad. This is my end to the subject. If you guys wanna keep on fighting with nobody, then that is fine by me. I will take no part of this anymore. I will just wait for Quag to contact me if he wants to ask me any questions. I hope he will.

    You can take this as people I want to keep or remove
    Negative – REMOVE
    Positive – KEEP
    Good and Bad – Neutral

    Holmar – You’re awesome! Skype it up all day err day!

    Wickk – Thanks for standing by me, we need to game some more. Goosey times await us!

    Taba – You are nothing, but a tool. All you do is make maps for us. That’s it. Hardly anyone liked you. You got very annoying very fast with your “guru” act. Fuck off you flake.

    Harmless – You put up with my shit for a while. Good show! I love messing with you. Always a fun time playing on the server with you. Good man. You abused a lot.. Yeah.. Sadface..

    ZYX – I’ve already said what I’ve wanted refer to my last posts to get your answers.

    Matt – You’re a good guy. I like you man. I hope sometime we can play GMOD some. That shall be fun! (Same with you Holmar)

    Spirit – Where the fuck did you come from? Fuckin seriously? You are horrible. I guess you hold grudges.. Coolness.

    Tyrone – Your words are useless in the situation, you have no right to even get involved and for that you need to shut up.

    Revan – GG Close game troll… I do say you really got to ZYX and showed him who is boss. That is a good show. Horrible and mean. I know. But I do love when someone shows a white knight what they really are. Good show. You evil bastard.

    Keith – You were never on and you hardly talk to me, you are okay for the time being. Till I hear some bs if there is any. You never helped support me with anything… sadface…

    Taco – Thanks for trying to make me proud. You really were someone I could count on… AT TIMES. Good man. I hope to play some other games with you.

    Quin – You know… You know. <3

    Vince – You are so worthless and you sound like you are skull fucked everytime we talk. Everything you do and say is riddled with retardation. It was truly horrible. I really want you removed. Same with Taba.

    Eclipse – I love you man! <3 Super homo all the way man..

    Shifty – You are cool… Actually you know what I think. Let’s keep it at that. Good man. Just don’t be retarded. <3

    Castle – You hardly are on, but the times you were on were good times.

    Guanjyn – Good man. I hope we stay good friends. Yeah, No Doubt!

    Cola – Interesting.. times..

    Dark Mercer – You are good at the game, but really fuckin annoying at times. Good man.

    Vendetta – I sorta eh. You are an okay guy. Eh..

    Quag – I am sorry for putting this all on you. But all the admins just needed to be shown for what they are.. I hope in time you will forgive me. I am sorry that I made things this way. I truly am. But I thought it was the only way to show you why we need to be rid of them. I never meant for any trolls to get involved… I hope you can see why I did this. I can only hope. You are a good man to us., Thank you for reading this.

    Lulu – Just ack… Horrible.. Oh man.. Cancer..

    Bloodsugar – You’re okay. Nothing else to say.

    Marrden – You are REALLY annoying and REALLY cool. I hate you and I am okay with you at  the same time.

    I deleted everything besides this and beginning battle post. The bickering and fighting looks bad. So I am leaving these two for Quag to do with what he wishes with.

    I saved everything, I will give all of it. All multiple versions to Quag on request. I used a full screen capture. Way better than printscreen.;)

    Myself – Good show man.. Goosey show. :)

    If I am missing anyone then I’ll edit this later if I can. :)

    I only want Quag and Matt  to answer this.

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    Not really sure what there is to “answer” here… I agree with some of your opinions on people, and disagree on others. I think if we’re talking about admin rights, we need to evaluate people based on admin-performance, and need to be careful about biased opinions.

    In the real world, there are many times when managers dont get along with their subordinates. Just because the two people arn’t going to hang outafter work, doesn’t mean Joe Shmo isnt the best damn burger-flipper in town… Not sure if that’s the best analogy, but hey I try 🙂 The point is, if you have the authority to keep or remove admin rights, you can’t let the sole qualification be “does this person piss me off or not”

    That being said, in regards to your list, a majority of the people who you do have disagreements with are also bad administrators.

    I’m not going to comment on the non-admins you have in your list, since that’s just personal opinion.


    PS. Your signature…. WTF 24Mb/s upload speed??? FOR REAL???? WTF kind of provider do you have? And how much do you pay for it? lol


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