Zombie Coming Tonight [Android]

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    Warning! Zombie coming Attack our town Tonight! The world is collapsing, only you and a group of survivors manage to escape to a small town and setup temporary defense but do you can survive after nightfall?


    One of the Best zombie strategy RPG games and real Community game finally had released on IOS and Android! If you are Extreme Gamer , this game is highly recommended to you ! There is No more boring zombie shooting whatever is 2D or 3D and say NO to those Kids Game! Play this game , Take this Challenge!


    Stay focus on the Zombie Countdown Clock is your main task ! The Zombie will attack the town every night in 24:00:00. Remember! It is a Real Game , the Zombie may attack your city when you fall sleep ! To ensure your town is safe , please make sure your accompanies close the gate every night ! Otherwise, there is Nobody stay alive to view the day break again! If you want to survive on this town, focus on 3 thing. Search, Construct and Survive. Teamwork is the most important element to make every people stay alive!


    Once again to remind , it is a special Real Community Game . You can’t do anything if you are alone . To corporate , To Share Resources , To Take care each other , will make you be the survivor in this game .. In other words, if you never play this game before, means you never know what is Real Community game.


    Ipad is coming soon!


    Highly Recommend:-

    – If you are Looking for exciting games

    – If you are Extremer Gamer

    – If you are tired to play Simple Game

    – If you like Community Game

    – If you like to be Survivor

    – If you don’t have much time to play games

    – If you like Co-op Game


    Please don’t hesitate ! Download now!

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