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    Version 3 has now been added to both of our servers.  Information is as follows:


    EDIT: v1 fixed zombies, added barricading and increased weapons + ammo. also thank gregster for basketball.


    v2 added lighting, zombies spawn in the back cells, zombies can get most places including upstairs now, increased items + weapons again and clipped some areas.


    v3 slight overlay increase, added objectives (code for armory/blowtorch for storage) additional clipping, reduced wave length and minor detailing.


    Current version features:


    • Waves – 10
    • No current extraction (any ideas besides withstanding the horde welcomed)
    • No resupply chopper (I intended for the armory to be the source of weapons but will change everyone yells at me for it)
    • No power inside the prison to encourage use of the flashlight potentially increasing difficulty


    Original post can be found on the nmrih forums here

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