Who likes me as a admin/moderator?

Forums Main General Discussion Who likes me as a admin/moderator? Who likes me as a admin/moderator?

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    I’m going to be honest here, i know your trying to keep the server troll free and that’s awesome. Since i don’t go to the ZPS Server, (Personal choice. Might give it a twirl one of these days.) you have been telling me of problem players and i have taken care of them on the sourcebans page. Thanks for providing that information, getting rid of the trolls makes gaming enjoyable.

    I feel that you should have waited a month between asking how you’re doing as a admin though. (You’re doing fine, don’t sweat it.) Or talked to the head honchos, but you did want to know what we thought of you. I think your doing fine.

    And Spade, it’s true, the trolls were pretty plentiful when you weren’t around, i was taking care of them in the background.

    All in all, let’s see how the 90 days go for the both of you.

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