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I have never done anything to harm or destroy Holmar and/or Wickk. Same with most of everyone. I did a lot for them. And I still do. I help Wickk in the best ways I can. I know it isn’t much. But It’s all I can do at this present state which I am on the internet. Holmar and I pal around a lot. You should check out Iceland with him. It’s beautiful and fucking amazing.

How is this? I am cruel to those that deserve it. I never did anything cruel toward the ones I like. Well, I mean I am crazy so sometimes I might be horrible on accident. But that is the good thing about me. I don’t give a fuck and i cannot be reasoned with. That is what a leader needs to be like. Someone that will stand up to opposing forces and happily get rid of them.
You have never stumped me. If I am not getting verbally abused by my family then I am getting the shit ripped out of me by the surrounding people. OHHHH.. That’s right, you have a really nice mom. Is she going to dry your tears when some people from the internet do not crown as (king) you desperately want?

Get your grammar straight, I said your name first which implies you are in your own group? And the “childish” people are in their group. Simplistic grammar. Fuckwit.

This is bullshit and nothing. This is kiddy shit compared to everything else. Extreme? Hmm? Really? Childish.

My life is a battle up a hill, it always will and forever be just like that.

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