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You speak for the people? You mean the same people you trolled? Who you barely did anything for? The same people who you wanted to get rid of because they thought you weren’t doing a good job? Im also spiked to you because you’re spiked towards everybody! You’re cruel, selfish, and you have no regard for anyone else but yourself.

Everytime you do anything like this. Im hounding you for a reason. That reason is because you deserve it.

Im not dumb, I know that whenever I stump you, you prove you wrong. You always go extreme like this, it happened in July, you brought Revan into it. Now it’s happened here, you are just using the ”childish people” as an excuse to attempt to rule me out of the title. The same title that nobody else seems to want.

Wickk, the personnal attacks are to show him why his entire life, and that what hes doing is simply foolish and immature. He’s calling me childish…But look at his life.


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