This is a Continuation About the Admin Anger.

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Get rid of a bunch of people’s admin IMO, If a terrible idea. Think of it this way:

If we get rid of a lot of people’s admin, then those people that lost their admin will continue to bitch and moan, and the ones that weren’t bitching and moaning, will start to bitch and moan. Nothing get solved, everyone is still complaining, And it makes the server look bad.

But, if we say…Listen to what’s making the admin and/or players bitch and moan. We can improve on them, fix them, and try to make it better. Then, the people stop bitching, everyone is happy, and the server improves as a whole.

I think if we’re going to fix the problem, I dont think this is the correct way to do it. Instead of focusing on the people that are complaining. We should focus on what’s making them complain.

Also Goose, dont use the ”I dont care about making people happy” argument. MMNB is suppose to promote a fun enviroment, and the head admin should try to support that. So if you use that argument, then it shows you’re not even in the position to choose in the first place.

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