This is a Continuation About the Admin Anger.

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Just defending myself to be with admin.

I have played ZPS for 3 years, i make maps since 2010 and i never fail with admin powers.

I have been admin for 3 biggest brazilians servers at theses years: 1 is my that i’m the host  in a small server ( 12 slots ) since 2009, other i have been for 8 months being a head admin and super admin maintaining the order and the respect at players when the real host was off for a travel ( 24 slots 24/7 server ), and the last one i have been basic admin for 3 months for other brazilian server ( 24 slots 24/7 server )

When i meet the Quag, he liked my first map at the server (the condom) and he asked me if i could be admin and make some maps for MMNB Server.

I make maps for fun, and if some people want a logo of his communities on a specific map, i will put it  with no problems. And that is what i’m doing for Quag: some maps i’m putting MMNB logo for him and for the MMNB team and the players who play at MMNB server. And i have 2 more new maps for MMNB Server soon. ( At this year probably )

All that time, i have been a rude and funny admin depending the situations: teaching the players how to play ZPS; warning players to don’t mic spam, respawn killer, don’t camping at obj maps try to relax the players to stop with discussions, fights and argumenting with them to don’t do that again; kicking disrespect/racism players and banning players that don’t do co-op rightly and hackers.

ZPS is my life since 2009, i know the ALL rules of ZPS, i’m rude when the situation is Respawn Killer and Racism. My tolerance is ZERO at that moment.

So, I’m an administrator of several personalities: I am fun and funny at the right time; I’m serious and rude at times that is necessary and the situations that is needed a presence of an administrator to maintain the order at the server.

You think i abuse and don’t know how to work with admin powers? *BAAM* Wrong. You don’t know me very well sir.

That’s all of meh. Have good day and think right what you’re going to do that “Refresh” at the server.

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