Map Summary:  Seeking refuge in a factory, no were to hide. Zombies are coming your way. What will you do?

About The Author

Dan22 is extremely talented in being able to create maps very quickly but yet still pay attention to detail to quality and gamepalay.  He is currently producing NMRIH maps that directly relate to The Walking Dead (Hospital from Season 1 and the Prison from Season 3).  He will also be contributing these same maps as ZPS maps.  We expect that Dan22 will be contributing some very creative and fun maps for the Community.


Map Type: Version: Last Release Date:

Survival 1.0 11/27/2012

Map Rating

Game footage used in the motion picture, Mr. Righteous

Warning: This clip contains explicit language and adult themes

No More Room In Hell is featured in the latest film by Anti-Hero Pictures, Mr. Righteous. Parker, played by Brendan Nagle is playing No More Room In Hell while entertaining his best friend, James Righteous, played by John Schmiederer. Official movie site at www.mrrighteousmovie.com

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